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Your brand is your greatest business asset so protecting it should be a top priority. Sunn IP can to assist your business to create a trade mark that is not only protectable, but more importantly, enforceable.

Give your business the peace of mind in knowing that you own your logo and brand is not only protected, but is not infringing on third party rights.  Sunn IP will guide you through the trade mark process, from initial searches to ensure you have freedom to use your chosen brand through to trade mark application and registration, with a commitment to providing you with prompt, cost-effective service  - where protection of your brand is our top priority.

Patents can be an invaluable asset to your company, yet do you know whether someone else has already patented a very similar invention or disclosed it in a scientific manuscript?  Do you know if you have the freedom to operate in a particular technology area or could you potentially be infringing the patent rights of others?

Before embarking on the costly process of filing a patent application, contact Sunn IP to discuss your patent searching needs.  By providing your business with tailored advice to your time and budget requirements, Solis IP can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing the strength of your patent position.  

Utilising the technical competence and in-depth knowledge only a qualified Patent Attorney can provide, we can assist you in obtaining the intellectual property information you require to make informed commercial decisions.

Whether it is a Novelty, Family, Freedom to Operate or Scientific Literature search you are looking for, or you are interested in establishing a patent landscape map for your technology area, Sunn IP can help.

Turn your ideas into invaluable assets with maximum impact.

Sunn IP assists clients to identify, protect, strengthen, and grow their IP portfolio by strategically managing their IP assets. By undertaking a strategic review of your technology and IP portfolio, we will provide you with an insight into the commercial potential of the technology, and to guide any future investments.  


Sunn IP have invaluable knowledge and experience in all aspects of strategic portfolio management, and offer a service which can help you at any stage of your development.

Do you know who your competitors are and what the market landscape looks like for your technology?

Sunn IP can assist you in providing market intelligence that enables you to better understand the current players, trends and positions in the market.

We can also assist in identifying potential commercialisation or investment partners for your technology.  With invaluable knowledge and experience in technology partnering, Sunn IP can give your business the edge it needs to take it to the next stage of success.

Sunn IP can also assist clients to source funding to support further commercially focused research and development or commercialisation activities.